✔A Helpless Husband - Kigads Horror Short Stories in English

I got angry at them. I said, “What’s wrong with you both? You never complete your work in time. See, you have to sit here late daily. You are wasting your and mine time as well. I also want to take some rest.”

I, Rumit, was teaching tuition in my home. I used to teach twenty students daily for about an hour. As usual after an hour, two students namely Varun and Tarun would remain sitting in my room and the rest would go to their homes after completing their work. Tarun was studying in fifth class and Varun in sixth class.

I got angry at them. I said, “What’s wrong with you both? You never complete your work in time. See, you have to sit here late daily. You are wasting your and mine time as well. I also want to take some rest.”

Varun and Tarun lowered their eyes. I added, “I can’t understand how the other students complete their work within just forty minutes and you can’t complete even in sixty minutes. The reason is just that you are not concentrating on your studies. It’s very bad of you both.”

Tarun said in a low timid voice, “Actually sir, we can’t concentrate on our studies.”

Rumit - But why can’t you concentrate on your studies? Where is the problem? Today, I feel like slapping you both.

Tears welled up in Tarun’s eyes and he was about to cry. Varun intervened, “Sir, please don’t slap him. He is already under a lot of pressure. We are already suffering too much.”

Submit - Already suffering? Pressure? Anything wrong? Please tell me. 

Tarun - Varun, please don’t tell sir what’s our problem? Dad may get angry at us if he comes to know about it.

Varun - But Tarun, I think we should tell our problem to sir. Otherwise, sir may help us. And I can’t see you getting slaps from sir. 

Rumit - Varun, please tell. I am not a bad person. I am getting angry at you for your good. I don’t have any personal vendetta against you. And yeah, if you have any problem, you should share it with your teacher. I may solve your problem.

Tarun - Please don’t tell Varun. 

Rumit - Tarun, don’t worry. Let Varun tell me. I promise I won’t share your problem with anyone. It will only be among the three of us. 

Varun looked at the face of Tarun. Tarun nodded. Varun said, “Sir, actually there is one man who comes to our house in the dusk. And when he comes my dad gets too upset. Therefore we also get too upset. A strange negative environment is created in the house. You know sir when it happens, it happens when we reach home after your tuition.”

Rumit - But who is he? And why does your dad become upset seeing him?

Varun - Actually he comes to our house and directly goes to our mom’s room and talks to her for a long time.

Rumit - But how is he? Is he your mom’s brother?

Varun - No, sir.

Rumit - Who is he, then?

Tarun - We also don’t know sir.

Rumit - Oh! 

I thought, “I never thought the problem would be so grave. I think I should talk to their dad. In this way, the future of both of these children will be destroyed. I hope the problem should not be as I am thinking.”

Rumit - Okay, Varun. Don’t worry. I won’t slap Tarun, now. You did a great thing by disclosing your problem. Now, I will treat both of you as politely as I can. 

Varun and Tarun smiled. I added, “But yeah, one more thing, say to your dad, I want to meet him tomorrow evening. And for you, tomorrow is a holiday from tuition. 


Varun said with a pleasant smile on his face, “Okay, sir.”  

Varun and Tarun left my home smiling. I was waiting for tomorrow evening. I became curious to know what was happening in Varun and Tarun’s house. I was dead sure something bad was happening there. But what was it exactly? I wanted to know. 

The next evening Varun’s and Tarun’s dad, Shaminder came to my home. I welcomed him warmly. I asked my wife to make two cups of coffee. Soon, my wife prepared two cups of hot steaming coffee. She also served very delicious biscuits. After serving biscuits, she went to her room, leaving the two of us alone. 

Rumit - Shaminder ji, actually, I called you here for a very special purpose.

Shaminder - Yeah, sure. Please let me know how I can help you. 

Rumit - Hmm… Thanks, for your concern. I don’t need your help. I just wanted to talk to you about Varun and Tarun.

Shaminder - Yeah, sure. Are they disturbing you? Are they creating disturbances in your class?

Rumit - No, no. Nothing like that. Your children are in depression.

Shaminder fell silent at once. He didn’t speak even a single word. He was not even shocked. I realized there was something wrong with his house. Seeing this situation, I gained some confidence to take a step ahead and I said, “Shaminder ji, I know there is something that is happening in your house and that is very bad. You know what that same bad thing is eating into the vitals of your children. Now, your children are not kids. They are ten and eleven years old. They can now understand what is good and what is bad.”

Shaminder - What did they tell you?

Rumit - See, Shaminder ji, I don’t want that now after leaving my house, you start beating your children. I just want to help you, if in any way I can help you.

Shaminder’s face became very serious and sorrowful. He said, “How can I beat my children? I love them a lot. I know they are suffering from the negative environment of our house. But I can’t do anything about it. Rumit sir, you can’t help me either.”

Sensing that he was not going to be aggressive with his children, I found an opportunity to come to the main point, “Your children were saying a man comes to your house.”

Shaminder - Yeah, I know, that idiot comes to my house. He not only comes to my house but also sleeps with my wife and that right before my eyes!

He burst into tears. I was shocked! For some moments everything became still for me. I could not believe what he was telling me. 

Rumit - Is he your wife’s boyfriend?

Shaminder - I don’t know if he is her boyfriend or lover or just a lustful relationship. But he comes to my home almost daily for her. 

Rumit - But why don’t you stop him?

Shaminder - How can I stop her? I can’t do anything!

Rumit - But why? You are her husband.

Shaminder - You know what, it’s the only problem that I am her husband. 

Rumit - What do you mean?

Shaminder - Okay. Now, you have already come to know about everything happening in my house. Now, I am going to tell you why I am not taking any action. My blood also boils when someone comes to my home and sleeps with my wife before my eyes. But I don’t want to take any action that spoils whatever is left in our lives. 

Rumit - I am not getting you.

Shaminder - I am doing it for my kids.

Rumit - Can you explain, please?

Shaminder - See, Rumit sir. I am also a government employee and my wife is also a government employee. With the salaries of both of us, we can make the future of our children bright. But suppose, if I raise my voice against my wife. Then what will happen? At the most, it will end in divorce and I will lose almost half of my property. Moreover, I will also lose the salary of my wife that she is giving to me right now. 

Shaminder added - And you know Rumit sir, with the salary of a government employee we can’t make the career of two children. And one more reason, why I am not raising my voice. See, now my reality is known to you only. If I raise my voice then the whole city will come to know about it. You know such things spread like wildfires. You know what, if this happens, then people will start calling me “Impotent.” They would say I could do nothing, that’s why my wife found someone else! I can’t tolerate this. So, the best option for me is to keep quiet and suffer this eternal pain till my death! There is only one statement that consoles me or pacifies me for some moments whenever I say it to myself. It’s only my relief, my balm. Though it is a false statement but it is helping me. 

Rumit - Which statement?

Shaminder - (says in a heart-wrenching voice) I say to myself, “Actually the man who comes into my house and sleeps with my wife is my wife’s real husband. But sometimes I get a chance to sleep with his wife.”

I could not speak even a single word after his pathetic, heart-wrenching statements. His logic seemed to be perfect. He was right. He could not do anything. It was beyond my reach to solve his problem. I could not do anything except listen to him and sympathize with him. He opened his heart, disclosed his mental agony before me, and then he returned to his home, to the same hellish life. I thanked God, “Thank God, my wife is okay and loyal to me up to now.”

But I don’t know from where the second thought crossed my mind, “But what if it happens to me too! I also have two children. And this can happen at any time, at any moment of married life. When such a thing happens, then there is no returning, no possibility of normality again, after that there is only hell, hell, and the dark hell!”

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