✔Government Job or Private Job - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

“What! It means you are going to leave your government job if in the even you get selected in the multinational company.”  “Obviously uncle.”  “Hey, you are doing a big mistake. Don’t do that.”

I was in a government job, or you can say I was working as a government clerk in a bank. My salary was about thirty thousand per month. I worked there for about three years. But after that I began to feel, there is no growth in the government job. My life had become stagnant. The stagnant water always creates a foul smell, so was the case with my life.

I was blessed with fluent English and great physical fitness. I was capable of doing much harder work than my present job is. In other words, you can say I could earn more. Definitely, this thought struck my mind. I talked to myself, “If I can earn seventy or eighty thousand per month, then why should I work for the meager salary of thirty thousand, that also as a clerk and in a remote village.”

“I must try my hands in the multinational companies wherein I can earn more that also in a good city where each and every facility related to our lives is available.” In no time, I took a newspaper in my hands and started searching for the jobs in the multinational companies. Fortunately, I saw one advertisement offering seventy thousand per month along with residence and food. 

“Wow! I never thought I am going to get such an opportunity so soon.” I captured the snapshot of it in my mobile camera. The very next day, I set off for Gurgaon to get the job in that company. Gurgaon was too far away from my place. I had to travel for about ten hours to reach the venue for my interview. I had boarded a bus for this purpose. 

One old man sat beside me. I asked him if he knows where this venue lies and how to reach this place. He didn’t know much about it. But that was enough for the conversation to slide on. 

He said, “Son, why do you want to go to this place?”

“Uncle, in fact, I want to give an interview there in the multinational company.”

“That’s great son, one must try their level best to get a good job. The price hike has become the order of the day. One needs to earn as much as possible.”

“Yeah uncle, that is why I am going for this interview because I want to earn more. I already have a government job but their salary is not as good as we can get in the private sector.”

“What! It means you are going to leave your government job if in the even you get selected in the multinational company.”

“Obviously uncle.”

“Hey, you are doing a big mistake. Don’t do that.”

“But why? A few moments ago, you only told me to earn more.”

“But that doesn’t mean, you leave your government job for that. If you have a government job, then that is perfectly okay. Less salary is also not bad. At least you are secure and safe.”

“I don’t want any security and safety. I don’t want even relaxation like other people. I want to work more and I want to earn more. It is as simple as that.”

“Okay, okay cool down. Now listen carefully. I had a business of my own. I was earning about fifty thousand per month. When I reached forty, I fell ill. I got afflicted with the heart disease. The doctor advised me to rest at home and don’t do the things that make my heart beat fast. I must not take even tension of any kind. Consequently, I had to leave my business. Therefore my earning stopped at the young age of forty.”

The old man continued, “Had I been in the government job, I would have easily got leave for one year. After one year, I could work again in the government sector and earn money. But when I left the business, then I could not reestablish it again. It failed. Secondly, if we are in an emergency, then we can easily get leaves in the government job, but in the private sector you can’t do anything.”

The old man added, “Thirdly, when you will get old, then you will be no more with the same bioenergy. You will get tired soon. You will not be left with as much stamina as you have now. At that stage, the private sector will throw you out of your job, and you will be left with nowhere to go. At that time you can do only one thing i.e. remorse for your foolish action. The rest is up to you son, I can only tell you what I know.”

I listened to him very carefully. Whatever he was saying was absolutely right. His logic was flawless. But I had a flawless logic too. If in the event I will be able to earn seventy thousand per month, then I need to work for only ten years to earn the saving of twenty years in the government job. It means after working for about ten years in the private sector, I can leave the job and rest in my home because, by that time, I will have earned enough. 

Suppose if one earns thirty thousand per month in the government sector. His household expenditure is ten thousand per month, which means he will be able to save twenty thousand per month. If he works for ten years, by then, he will be able to save 20000*120= 24 lakhs. But if he works in the private sector at seventy thousand per month along with the residence and free food, then he needs not to spend for home expenditure, then the full seventy thousand is his saving per month. 

If he works in such a company for about ten years, then he will have saved 70000*120= 84 lakhs by then. And the difference is very clear i.e. sixty lakhs. The difference of sixty lakhs was luring me towards the private sector. On the contrary, the logic of the old man was also not wrong. If I say honestly, then at that time I was completely in a loss. I didn’t know what I should do. 

I went on travelling until I reached my destination. I was standing right before the big building of the company. I had all the documents in my hand. I didn’t know whether the company is going to select me or reject me. The innumerable questions began to cloud my mind. 

“In case, I get selected in the interview, then should I leave my government job? The old man was absolutely right, my government job is really safe, at least I had no tension of being thrown out. Is the difference of sixty lakhs really big? Do you really want to earn as fast as possible taking a big risk, staking your health, and toil for day and night? Are you still capable of doing hard work after living in a relaxed atmosphere for about three years? What if, if the company throw you out after a year?”

The last question passed a shiver down my spine. I spoke to myself, “Yeah, it is true. What if, if the company throws me out after a year. I will not be able to earn more. I will not be able to get back my government job. Maybe after that, no multinational company will ever permit to step in their building.”

The company’s building was standing before me and I was staring at it. Yet, could not decide whether to step in or not. But after two minutes, I took my bag and put on my shoulders, turned around and boarded a bus back to my city. I went back to my home without giving any interview.

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