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✔I, Sahil, was sitting on a chair in the small room on my terrace. I was thinking within my mind, “Finally, I lost her, lost her forever.


I, Sahil, was sitting on a chair in the small room on my terrace. I was thinking within my mind, “Finally, I lost her, lost her forever. I lost the person whom I loved the most. I lost my love. I lost my Nancy.” Tears rolled down my cheeks. “I lost her because of me, because of the silly and foolish things that I did to her.”

The first day I met her

I was in ninth class. The teacher had just gone out of the class because the bell had rung and another teacher had yet to come. So, it was the time when there was no teacher in the class. All students were talking to each other in the native language (Hindi). Nobody was caring about the rules of the school that all students have to speak in English in the class. 
Even the intelligent girls of our class were speaking in Hindi language. At that time Nancy was studying in another section of ninth class i.e. 9th B. She entered our class to get a Physics book from someone. She said loudly in the class, “Has anyone a Physics book?”
Pariniti said to Nancy in her mother tongue, “ Nancy, abhi koi bhi teacher class mai nhi hai. Tum Hindi mai bhi bol sakti ho. (Nancy, now there is no teacher in the class. You can also speak in Hindi.)”
Nancy replied, “No, I won’t use my mother tongue here. Don’t you know about the rules of our school? We should not break the rules even when there is no teacher nearby.”
Pariniti became angry at her, “Chal, chal, badi ayi angrez! Zada hawa mat kar yahan! (Oh, ho. Go away you foreigner! Don’t boast of your English here!)”
A boy gave Nancy a Physics book. Nancy took the book and left the class without saying even a single harsh word for Pariniti. I was there in the class listening to their whole conversation. The obedient and obviously commendable behaviour of Nancy swept me off my feet. I could not believe that such an obedient and good girl is present in our school. 
It was the first time I saw her and she impressed me with her obedient behaviour and her fluent sweet English. I can never forget the words spoken beautifully by her. 

Sweet incidents

One day, the principal of our school told us that he wanted to shift two students from the ninth A to the ninth B section. He asked us who was willing to go. I raised my hand and got my name noted down. And on the very next day, I was in Nancy’s class. Actually, I didn’t go to ninth B class because of her. I went because of my friends there in the ninth B. But luckily Nancy was also in that section. 
After studying there in ninth B class for about thirty days, I realized that there was a cold war going on between Nancy and Tania. Obviously, Nancy was an intelligent girl but Tania was also an intelligent girl. Perhaps, Tania was jealous of her or maybe she had got irritated by Nancy's more than enough obedient nature. She would leave no opportunity to hurt Nancy. 
When I saw these things happening in the class, I felt bad. I began to intervene in their matters and always tried to settle down their disputes. I can’t say how far my interference worked but one thing is sure. I developed a liking for myself in the hearts of both of those girls. Slowly and gradually, they both became closer to me. Nancy and Shabnam began to help me in my studies.
These all were very sweet incidents of my life especially when Nancy would teach me in the class. It was a divine experience for me. I was on cloud 9 during those moments :)

The cutest incident  

I didn’t even come to know when I fell badly in crush with Nancy. I could not concentrate on my studies. I could not even focus on watching an interesting movie. 
Once, it happened, I was sitting in the examination hall. The question paper was very tough and was just right before my eyes on the desk. What the hell! I could not even focus on the question paper. My infatuation towards Nancy was taking a heavy toll on me. To end up all these horrible incidents, I decided to take a big action.
Next day, I went straight to Nancy and said to her, “Nancy, I want to tell you one very important thing.”
Nancy - Yeah sure, Sahil. Please tell.
Sahil - Nancy, I have fallen in infatuation with you. I can’t even concentrate on my studies. Actually, I can’t focus on anything. I want to get out of this situation. Please help me. 
Nancy - (smiled) Oh, so what can I do in it?
Sahil - You can play a big role in it. From now onwards please don’t talk to me and I won’t talk to you. Slowly and slowly, my infatuation will fade away. 
Nancy - (smiled) okay. Bechara Sahil… (Innocent Sahil)
Later on, Nancy began to smile frequently at me. Maybe because of this I was getting crazier for her more. 

My foolishness

Now, her infatuation had crumbled my brain. I had lost almost all my senses. I still remember the day when on the very next day, I had a History examination. There was no one in my home. I was all alone. My family members were attending a marriage party. Nancy’s memories had overtaken me completely. I became helpless. I couldn’t even read a single page of my book. 
The tension for the examination was haunting me. I had become a dwarf before the towering tension of the History exam. I lay on the floor like a mad man. Literally, I began to cry. I didn’t know what I should do. I took out my phone and called on Nancy’s landline number. She picked up the phone. I began to cry. 
Nancy - Who are you? Why are you crying?
Sahil - I am badly in love with you. I can’t live without you.
Nancy - What’s your name?
Sahil - (Literally, I was crying) I can’t concentrate on anything. Your memories are everywhere in my life.
Nancy - Please tell me your name.
Sahil - (I was sobbing. I could not speak a single word.)
Nancy - Why did you call me?
Sahil - Because I can’t concentrate on anything (in a crying tone.)
Nancy - You are disturbing me. You are not even telling me your name. I am calling my mom. Mumma!
I got frightened and disconnected the call. I again went on crying and could not study even a single page. My parents returned home at about 9 p.m. Then I had my supper a little bit and slept. Next morning was my examination. I didn’t know anything. Again the tension of the exam conquered me and my blood pressure became low. Finally, I could not even go to school to give my examination.  
Later on, my behaviour became more stupid and crazier than ever before. I began to fight with her over silly things. I began to avoid her every time. I didn’t even look at her. My stupid behaviour irritated her too. She also began to avoid me. Slowly and gradually she lost all the interest in me and then we never talked. 


I said to myself sitting on a chair in the small room on the terrace, "Now I repent for my actions. I should not have dealt with her in this way. I should have continued to talk to her as I used to do before just like good friends. What did I get by hurting her? Actually, I was just a teenager at that time. I couldn’t even understand the dynamics of such things at that time. Well, I didn’t even know that the crazy things I was doing might hurt her. Now, I am a grown-up guy. I can understand my foolishness now. But now, it’s too late…”

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