✔Hung Between Two Worlds - Kigads Horror Short Stories in English

I shouted, “Dad, please help me! Dad, wake up! Help me!” I shouted many times but my dad was fast asleep. I didn’t know why he was not able to hear me
I, Ravi, felt like dancing. Why? I also didn’t know. I was feeling happy for no reason. I simply went to another room of my house where a dressing table was kept. Actually, I wanted to dance and see myself dancing in the big mirror of the dressing table.

I started dancing in the way I liked. Well, I didn’t know how to dance. I was just dancing for the sake of dancing. I just wanted to enjoy it. I let free my arms and legs to move in the directions they like. I was enjoying laughing to see myself in the mirror doing eccentric things. For about two minutes I enjoyed it well.

I felt as if my right arm became heavy. I didn’t look at my right arm. I went on dancing. My right arm became heavier than before. I again ignored. But then it became difficult for me to even lift my right arm up. I looked at my right arm. It seemed to be okay. With my left hand, I touched my right arm and began to rub it. Everything seemed to be okay.

Then I felt as if my body became light. I felt as if someone was trying to pull me up and soon I was up in the air! The chill ran down my spine. No one was lifting me up. I could see no one. But I could feel there was someone. The unknown energy started to play with me. It was lifting me up and lowering me down, again lifting me up and lowering me down.

I tried to stay on the ground but all my efforts went in vain. I was absolutely helpless before the unknown force. I began to tremble in fear. But still, my mind was working and my brain was thinking of the way to escape this predicament. 

I thought, “I can’t escape from this unknown force or ghost alone. I need to seek help from others. In the room next to my room, my dad was sleeping. I should shout out loud so that he may hear me and come to my rescue.”

I shouted, “Dad, please help me! Dad, wake up! Help me!” I shouted many times but my dad was fast asleep. I didn’t know why he was not able to hear me. I continued my attempts to wake him up. When I shouted the twelfth time, I heard the voice of my dad, “What happened, Ravi?”

I went on shouting, “Dad, help me! Help me!”

The voice of my dad, “What happened, Ravi? Get up, open your eyes!”

I opened my eyes with a jolt. I was lying on my bed. It was all my dream. My dad asked me, “Is everything okay?”

I replied to my dad, “Yeah, dad everything is fine.”

Dad - You were shouting something while sleeping. You were suffering from a nightmare. You were afraid.

Ravi - Actually dad, I was not shouting because I was afraid of the ghost. I was just trying to fight with a ghost. I could not fight with the ghost alone. That’s why I was asking for someone’s help.

Dad - (Smiled) So did you get anyone’s help?

Ravi - Yes, dad. I got help from the person I asked.

Dad - Who was he?

Ravi - (said with a smile) It was you.

Dad - Really?

Ravi - Yes, dad. It was so sweet of you.

Dad - But I didn’t help you.

Ravi - Dad, waking me up from a nightmare was itself a help from your side.

Dad - But you are still flying in the air!

Ravi - What? 

I looked down. I was not flying at all. I was on my bed. I said to my dad, “Dad, please don’t scare me. I am already frightened by the nightmare.”

Dad - I am not scaring you. You are really flying in the air.

Ravi - But I am on my bed. 

Dad - In your dream, you were flying in the room next to this.

Ravi - Yeah, dad. But how do you know? I didn’t tell you where I was flying.

Dad - Because you are still flying in that room. Look there.

I looked into the other room. I was flying in the air in the same way as I saw in my dream! 

Ravi - Is it my dead body, dad? (I asked my dad, looking into the other room.)

I got no reply from my dad. I looked back to my dad to ask my question again and there was no dad! I was absolutely alone in my room!

I shouted, “Oh shit! It’s not just a dream! It’s something big!”

I again looked back to the other room to see my dead body flying in the air. My dead body was still flying up and down in the air. I thought, “Am I dead? Am I a soul? And is he my dead body? What should I do now?”

At once, the dead body became alive and started laughing madly, “Haha...Hehe”. It was laughing in a very spooky way. Innumerable chills ran down my spine. I mustered all my courage and went into the other room to confront it. 

I asked, “Who are you?”

It (my dead body that became alive) answered, “You really don’t know who I am?”

“No. Who are you?”

It said, “Ask from your dad who I am.”

I got puzzled, “What? How can I ask my dad? There is no one in my room.”

It said, “Look into your room. Your dad is waiting for you.”


I looked back into my room and there was my dad! He was looking at me as if he was waiting for me. He was staring at me continuously. I asked loudly, “Dad where were you moments ago?”

I again looked back to talk to my alive dead body and there was no one! I was standing alone. “Oh, What the heck! I can’t understand what the hell is happening here!”

I ran towards my dad to feel some sense of security. I said, “Dad, creepy things are happening here. Sometimes I see my dead body, sometimes I see my dead body has become alive, sometimes you appear before my eyes and sometimes you disappear! I don’t know what’s happening here, dad!”

Dad - Your brain has hung! Your dream world and reality are mixed. You are neither in that plane nor in this plane. You are stuck in the middle of your reality and dreams.

Ravi - What? Dad, what are you saying? I am not getting it. 

I became suspicious of my dad. I thought, “My dad never speaks like this. My dad never talks in riddles. He is not my dad. He is somebody else.”

Before I could think or do something else, my dad (who looked like my dad) slapped me roughly! I rose one foot high from the floor and then fell on the floor upside down. I fainted. 

The sun dawned. The rays of the sun caressed my head. I opened my eyes. I was lying on the floor. “Oh, shit!” I got up and looked into the mirror. My left cheek is still red. Impressions of a slap could be seen. I became worried. Then I looked on the wall where a big picture of my dad was hung wearing a garland. I read the name of my father written over there - Late Ajay Singhania.

I thought, “Even after his death, he is still helping me in some way. I know dad, you can never trouble me, you can never harm me. I understand very well, the ways of spirits helping their relatives are very different from the ways of humans. I knew, somewhere I was stuck in my horrible dream world and it was only you who came into my dream and got me out of that spooky predicament. Thanks!”

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