✔I Can't Hear - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

✔Raj - No, it’s about three days ago! Doctor - Oh, my God! Raj - Now, what? Doctor - I don’t know. You have crossed forty-eight hours.

I, Raj, was attending a marriage party. There was loud music. Orchestra girls were dancing on the stage. People were dancing down the stage and looking towards the beautiful and hot orchestra girls. Most of the people who were dancing down the stage were drunk. I was neither interested in drinking nor in dancing so I was standing aloof from all this stuff.

The sound of the big woofers and big speakers were hitting my body hard. I was not able to put up with the bass beats. I decided to go away from the speakers because I was not feeling at ease with the loud voice. I went away and took a pastry from the stall and began to eat. The pastry was yummy. 

After attending the party, I boarded a bus for my city. I was thinking about my family problems while travelling, “Why do my dad always want me to construct more and more rooms? We already have sufficient rooms to live in. If I talk about my wife, she always wants more and more security. I am giving my whole salary to her for her security. I don’t know how much she wants more? Something is amiss. Something is wrong. Something is wrong in my body! 

Oh, I can’t hear from my left ear I think so.”

I closed my left ear and played a song on my mobile and put an ear bud in my right ear. I could hear the song. Then I closed my right ear and put the ear bud in my left ear. I could not hear the song. I could not hear anything! Oh, what the hell has happened to my ear! I thought, “I think even in the marriage party, I could not hear from my left ear, I guess, I am not sure. I think even the day before yesterday, I faced some problems. I was not able to enjoy the music. I was thinking something was missing in the music but I think I could not hear properly maybe because of my left ear.”

“I think, in my left ear some filth must have been gathered which is causing hearing impairment to me. Sometimes it happens for some time and it goes. I think I should wait for one more day and yeah everything will be fine by then.”

After one day

“Oh, my God! I am still not able to hear from my left ear. I should go to a doctor right now.” I went to the doctor quickly and showed my ear to him.

Raj - Doctor, what happened to my ear? Why can’t I hear anything from my left ear?

Doctor - Raj, your problem is very serious. It’s good that you have come to me. Now, within forty-eight hours you have to reach PGI hospital in Chandigarh. They have one special injection to cure this problem. You have to get that injection injected into your ear as soon as possible. Remember before forty-eight hours. Well, I guess, your ear stopped listening today?

Raj - No, it’s about three days ago!

Doctor - Oh, my God!

Raj - Now, what?

Doctor - I don’t know. You have crossed forty-eight hours.

Raj - What’s the cause of my problem?

Doctor - It can’t be said.

I immediately boarded a bus for Chandigarh and reached PGI hospital as soon as possible. There I explained my problem to the doctor, E.N.T. specialist over there. His answer was the same that I had crossed forty-eight hours of time. Now nothing could be done. 

“Well, now I have become deaf from my left ear. It is a heart-wrenching reality for me. Still, I haven’t lost my hope. Nowadays I am taking ayurvedic medicines to cure my ears but there is no improvement up to now. I wish I had taken my ear problem seriously since day one. The most astonishing fact is that yet, I haven't come to know about the cause of my problem. No doctor has any answer. I always keep on guessing maybe because of loudspeakers, maybe because of traveling, maybe because I never used anything for the betterment of my ears. It’s all maybe.”

“Well, I suggest you all. If you face a similar problem in your life then you should immediately visit a doctor. That’s all I want to say.”

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