✔I Will Be More Memorable - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

✔I have nine! These nine books are my nine children and they will make me memorable forever! Secondly, I don’t want to make my blood and flesh survive

I, Aman, a man of 64 years with a silent smile, was sitting in a small room alone. The room was small but neat and clean. From the looks of my house, one could easily guess that neither I am from a rich family nor poor. I was from a middle-class family. I was in a reminiscing mood. Sweet memories of my past were running in my mind. 

I looked at the books almirah placed right before my eyes. All shelves of almirah were completely filled with books except the upper one. There were only nine books on the upper shelf. My eyes focused on the first three books. I smiled and thought, “Oh, the first book I wrote when I was just a teenager. This book is about devils, ghosts and magical powers. It really takes the readers into a fantasy world. Now, I wonder how I could have written such a long book at my tender age. Haha, it’s really amazing for me now.”

“The second and third book I wrote when I was about twenty-five. These books are all about love affairs, break ups and patch-ups, full of romanticism, strange love affairs. I have never ever read about such love affairs in any books that I have written. Wow! I can’t believe I was so creative when I was young.”

“Then these are my last six books. Oh, these are my best books. I have shared every wise experience of my and other’s life in these books. If a teenager happens to read these books, I don’t think he may commit mistakes in his coming life. He will possess the ability to make his life brighter than ever. Actually, these books are not just books of cover and papers. These books are me. I am these six books. I don’t find any difference between me and these books. What I can teach or tell others, everything is mentioned in these books.”

I heard knocking at my door. “Knock-knock.”

I said to myself, “Oh, who is this right now? I was enjoying myself. But now I have to open the door.”

I went close to the door and unlatched it. He was my elder brother, Sunny, of 67 years old. He came up with his whole family. His wife, his son and his daughter all greeted me. I welcomed all of them very warmly in my house. The situation was that I lived alone and my brother was living separately with his family.

My brother’s wife went into my kitchen and began to prepare cups of hot steaming tea for all of us. After a while, she was back and served all of us a hot steaming cup of tea with biscuits that I had kept in my wardrobe. 

All of us were sitting around a big round table now. After a formal talk of hello, hi, how are you, I am fine. My brother Sunny said to me, “I told you, you marry. If you had married now you would have not been left alone. I can understand the pain you are suffering from.”

I replied, “Brother, I am not suffering from any kind of pain. It’s really good to be alone for me.”

“Aman, I know, you are just hiding your grief. To be alone at such an age is really very bad. You can’t see anyone, you can’t talk to anyone except walls.”

“Brother, I am not hiding anything from you. Why should I hide my grief from you? If I have some grief then I would rather tell you. I am really happy to be alone.”

“Aman, don’t you feel like talking to someone at such an age?”

“Brother, actually I have talked enough. I have written nine books. In those books, it’s only me who is talking and talking and talking without a break. I write daily columns for newspapers before sleeping. So in this way even before sleeping I talk a lot.”

“Aman, I think we need humans to talk to. I don’t think our human emotions can be satisfied only by writing. We need someone to listen to us. We need our own children to listen to us.”

“Brother, do you really think your children listen to you? Your both son and daughter are more than twenty five. They are worried about their careers. I tell you, now you are hiding your real griefs. You had kids in the hope that one day they would listen to you. But the reality is just the opposite. They don’t care to listen to old people like us. They are worried about their boyfriends, girlfriends and their careers. That’s all. See just having a cup of tea, your son and daughter is no more sitting with us. Just look at them, they both have secured enough distance from us and are busy on their mobiles.”

“No, Aman, it’s not like that.”

“Brother, I can’t believe why most of the people like you try to hide the crystal clear reality. Please don’t expect from me that I will trust your words more than the reality I am seeing.”

Sunny became a little angry, “Even then, having our own children is very necessary for our lives. When we will be no more, people will remember us by looking at our sons and daughters. People will say - Anu has become a doctor. She is the daughter of Lecturer Sunny. In this way, I will be remembered always. Even after me, my blood and flesh will survive in the form of my children.”

“Brother, from your statement it seems you had your own babies to make yourself more memorable even when you are no more. Right?”

“Yes, right.”

“Brother, how many kids do you have right now?”

“Obviously two.”

“I have nine! These nine books are my nine children and they will make me memorable forever! Secondly, I don’t want to make my blood and flesh survive after I pass away. I just want to make my brain, my thoughts, my thought patterns, my ideologies survive forever.”

“You are crazy, Aman. Society doesn’t go like this. It’s not society that is going to follow you. It’s you who have to follow society.”

“Well, brother you know. I never care about society. I just want to live happily and spread happiness. It’s all my lifestyle.”

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