✔I Witnessed a Beautiful World - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

✔I said to myself, Tomorrow, I have to get up very early. Finally, my competitive exam of civil services has come! The centre of my exam is about five

I said to myself, “Tomorrow, I have to get up very early. Finally, my competitive exam in civil services has come! The centre of my exam is about five hours distance from my home and I have to reach there at about ten-thirty. Back up time is also needed. That’s why my all friends have decided to set off at about 4 a.m. And what about today? Yeah, today I will not sleep late as usual at about eleven or twelve. Today, I will go to bed at 7 p.m. itself.”

At 7 p.m. I went to my bed and dropped myself into the soft cushion. Before closing my eyes I set the alarm at 3 a.m. 

The beautiful music slowly began to soothe my ears and wake me up. I opened my eyes and quickly came to know that my mobile is trying to wake me up. I quickly woke up, took showers and had my breakfast (one prantha with butter). Then I went to the decided spot where our cruiser (big car) was going to arrive.

I reached there at the decided spot at the decided time but unfortunately, no one was there and fortunately, I knew that it was going to happen as I was living in Punjab, India. So, I knew the cruiser was not going to arrive soon. Therefore, I decided to do a bit of exercise till then. 

At about 5 a.m. cruiser arrived and I quickly set my foot in the car. We were about one hour late to our decided time but still, the atmosphere in the car was very friendly. One thing, I forgot to tell you, we all were teachers. All began to talk in a very friendly way. There were no talks of the exam or any confused or worried talks. All were enjoying it and me too. I was thinking, “Wow, though we are in a sort of critical situation, we all are relaxed and friendly. What if, we start behaving in a similar way throughout our whole lives. It will be really great.”

I was looking at every face in the cruiser. All wore a smiling faces, all were happy. I became happier than before to see them in such a beautiful way. 

Anyhow, we reached there well before time as we were in the cruiser and we set off in much advance as I wrote initially about the backup plan. 

When I stepped out of the cruiser, I read the name of the school where my exam was going to be conducted. I tried to enter the school but the policeman caught me. He said, “Now, it is just 9:30 a.m. and your entry time is 10:30 a.m.”

I said to him, “I just want to fresh myself and have something from the school canteen.”

“There is no canteen inside and gents are not even allowed to enter the school.”

I understood, now where I have to fresh myself. Obviously, now I have to find any dense bush where I can hide myself and attend to nature’s call. And so I executed it.

But now what, I had not eaten anything. I wanted to relax a bit. I wanted to sit somewhere. I wanted to have a cup of tea. But nothing was available nearby. So, I decided to just stand there. 

Many more teachers and candidates came there. I didn’t know them who were they and they didn’t know me who was I. Having nothing else to do, I came close to one candidate and began to talk.

I said to him, “I set off at 4 a.m. and here is no canteen and nothing else. I don’t know how I am going to give my exam.”

He said with a smiling face, “Don’t worry. I have two apples with me. You can take one.”

I replied, “Thanks, brother. If I feel like eating I will take it from you. Now, I am just looking for tea.”

“Okay, I have warm water too. If you need it then please let me know. But I don’t have tea, sorry.”

I thought within my mind, “I just broke the ice to start a conversation just for time to pass and he was so helpful. He was offering me an apple and warm water too! Is this world really so beautiful? I don’t know him. He doesn’t know me. But still a beautiful human relationship! Unbelievable.”

The crowd outside the examination centre was becoming bigger and bigger. I began to walk on the road to see everyone there. Because I always want to explore more and more, wherever I go. 

After about thirty minutes, my legs were telling me that they wanted to take some rest. I was standing near a car. There was an old person sitting in a car. Obviously, his relative’s exam was that day and he was waiting for the beginning as well as the end of the exam.

The old man said, “If you want to take some rest, you can sit in my car. If you want some tea that also I have.”

I said, “No, thanks, uncle. I just want to sit in the car.”

I opened the door of the car and sat inside. I thought within my mind, “How helpful all people have become here! Normally what we see in the world is brutalities, greediness and crime. But here, I am seeing heaven everywhere.”

After some time, I asked uncle, “Uncle, what’s the time now?”


“Oh, my time has come to enter the school. Thanks, uncle.”

I quickly got off the car and stood at the end of the line where all candidates had begun to enter the entrance gate. 

The policemen began to check each and every candidates’ pockets, shirts and pants. The policeman said loudly, “Even wallets are not allowed. Keep your purses and wallets outside.”

I said to myself, “I too have a wallet in my pant’s back pocket. Now where I will keep my wallet. The cruiser dropped me here and I went to drop other teachers. Now should I throw my wallet on the road or what? First of all, let’s play blindly.”

I simply turned back and asked the candidate standing behind me, “The policeman is not allowing us to enter the examination centre with a wallet. I need to keep this wallet outside. Do you have a car or something?”

I was wondering he was not going to take care of my request. But to my surprise, he quickly came to action. He called one other candidate standing behind us and said to him, “Hey, keep this wallet in your car!”

I was surprised, “Really! Is it a reality? I thought he was not going to pay heed on my request as he was also in tension. He also had to give exam. But he jumped to action as if it was his own task, as if he was doing it for his benefit.”

“Wow! How beautiful the world has become! All are helpful, all are cooperative, all are friendly, all are smiling! Today, I will pray to God, I don’t want this world to exist only outside the examination centre. I want this world everywhere, in every home, in every society!”

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