✔Terror of Bulls - Kigads Horrible Short Moral Stories in English

✔To my shock, the bull spoke up, “I won’t go. It’s my house now!” Chill ran down my spine. My mom was dumbfounded. How a bull can speak!

My mom was standing at the door of my house with a wastage of vegetables in her hands and luring a bull standing near our house to eat those things. My mom was making strange noises to attract him, “Tu, tu, tu, come here, come here.”

I, Lucky, a boy of thirteen years, said to my mom, “Mom, please don’t do it. Don’t call bulls near our house.”

Mom - Lucky, it’s a good thing. I am doing a noble job to give something to eat to the innocent creatures of Nature.

Lucky - But mom, you know what, Sheela aunty also used to give something to eat to the bulls on her door. She was very happy doing such a good thing. Daily in the morning bulls would come at the door of her house. But one day, she had nothing to give to the bulls. She opened the door and there were bulls but she had nothing in her hands. She just tried to shoo them away but one bull became angry and he hit her badly and broke her arm. Therefore, I am saying, please don’t do it. 

Mom - It was just a mishappening. It doesn’t mean that we should stop doing good things. Sometimes, it happens. 

Lucky - But mom, it’s very risky.

Mom - There is nothing risky. Just one bad incident has scared you. Don’t worry about it. Forget it. 

My mom again started making voices luring the bull to come near her. The bull came near her and she gave him the wastage of vegetables to eat. He ate it gladly and went away.

It went on happening for about thirty days. But one day was very different. I never ever expected that even such a thing could happen and that was really very scary. 

My mom standing at the door of our house luring the same bull again as usual. The bull came near her and she climbed the two steps and entered our house! My mom got frightened and she ran back inside the house. My mom was literally shouting, “Lucky, the bull has entered our house! The bull has entered our house!”

Hearing the cries of my mom, I got frightened too. I shouted, “Mom, we should try to get him out of our house otherwise he will break our tv, refrigerator and everything! Mom please try something.”

The bull had entered our house and he sat in one of our rooms. My mom entered the room and she made noises just to shoo the bull away. She said, “Hat, hat (it means go away)” but it fell on deaf ears of the bull. He didn’t even look at my mom. Then I also came into the room mustering all my courage. I shouted, “Hey, go away! Go away!” But that bull didn’t move an inch. 

My mom’s and my heart was throbbing. The situation was terrible. Anytime, anything could happen. There were only two people in our house, me and my mom. I didn’t know what to do now. Somehow, I gathered all my courage and anger and mixing both I shouted, “You, bull move away from my house!”

To my shock, the bull spoke up, “I won’t go. It’s my house now!” Chill ran down my spine. My mom was dumbfounded. How a bull can speak! It was horrible. Moreover, the bull was not ready to leave my house. 

My mom could not take the harrowing situation and she almost fainted. I shouted, “Mom, run out of the house! It’s dangerous to stay here. I am going to run out. Please come on, mom.”

Mom said in a low voice, “Lucky, I can’t leave my house. This bull will destroy our whole house. The memories of your dad reside here. I can’t leave this house at the mercy of this bull.”

“Mom, are you crazy? We can’t protect our house from this horrible bull. He is stronger than us. We must get out of this house as soon as possible!”

“No, Lucky, I am not going.”

“Oh shit! Mom, have you gone mad?”

“I am not leaving, Lucky.”

I said out of frustration, “If you are not leaving, then I am leaving. I don’t know what the hell has happened to you!”

I ran to the main gate of our house, opened it, got out and slammed the door behind. I began to run on the street as fast as I could. I was looking for some kind of help. At once, my eyes hit a policeman. I thought, “Thank God, I saw him. He may help me.”

I said to the policeman, “Sir, I need your help. My mom is in trouble.”

The policeman asked, “What happened boy?”

“Sir, a bull has captured my house. Now, we are trying to get him out but he says it’s his house now. Sir, I know it’s hard to believe such a thing but please come to my house and see the reality with your own eyes! I have also never seen such a speaking bull. Sir, please take me seriously and help us.”

“Boy, I know you are right. I trust you fully. I know it’s the truth.”

“Really sir? But how come you trusted me so fast?”

“Because it’s not only your story. All bulls in our cities have started to behave in a similar way and many bulls have captured many houses.”


The policeman pointed his finger to the other side and said, “Look, there boy.”

I looked towards the pointed direction. There were many people sitting on the streets and crying. 

The policeman added, “Their houses are also captured by the bulls!”

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