✔The Horror Voice - Kigads Horror Short Stories in English

✔The ghostly fear had struck me too, but I didn’t want to show it to my mom. Gathering all my energy I said, “Don’t worry mom, I am going to check it

“Mom, I think it is the best place for us, cheap and even good-looking. We can’t get any house on rent cheaper than it.” I said with a smile on my face. It looked as if my smile was fake.

“Dear Aman, but what about the rumors that we heard about this house? I fear if something happens bad...” said my mom in anxiety.

“Mom, nothing such happens. Ghosts are very rare but rumors are everywhere. So, don’t worry mom in fact these rumors are helping us. Had there been no such rumors we would haven’t got a house like this.” I said in a cheerful tone so that my mother may feel some good.

“Okay Aman, now you are the head of the house even though you are very young. You are wise enough to take such decisions. I wish everything should go right.” replied my mom.

“Don’t worry mom, everything will be alright and I am going to say yes for it to the broker, and this night we are going to spend not in a hotel but in our home,” said I.

The Same Night

I and my mom were sitting in verandah since evening. We were talking to each other as usual but in our minds and hearts, there was something unusual. Externally, we were talking normally but internally a queer fear of ghost was lurking within our hearts and minds. I and my mom both could not show our hidden fear because it might have caused more trouble for both of us. 

I feared if in the event I revealed my apprehension, my mom would start worrying and then everything would be out of control. And my mother’s fear was also not much different. She must have been thinking, had she revealed her fear even by mistake then it could have disturbed me mentally. So we both hid our emotions from each other for the good. 

It was getting darker and darker. We were talking but not getting inside the rooms. I was thinking, my mom would say about getting in the rooms. On the other hand, my mom must have been thinking that I would say about getting in the rooms. Perhaps, our hidden fear was creating a more and more spooky environment for us. I was thinking if it went on like that, then what would happen. We had to go inside somehow. 

The fear had engulfed so much that we hadn’t even switched on any light inside the house. It had become dark outside and inside also only the pitch dark blackness ruled. The door of one room which was used for entering the house was ajar revealing the horrible darkness inside. But still, we were comfortable sitting verandah because little bit life of the stars or we can say of the moon was coming but inside the house was the hell darkness.  

I said, “Mom, don’t you think we should go inside? It is already half-past eleven.”

My mom replied, “Yes, Aman. I also think we should go inside and sleep now.”

Mustering some courage I said, “Okay mom, I am going to get in.”

My mom didn’t speak a word. I took a few steps towards the door ajar. I was about to push the door to open it fully but at once a chill ran down my spine and I came back. I said, “In fact, mom I feel we are having a nice conversation here. I think we should talk more.”

“Okay.” Mom said. But from her face, I could easily recognize that she had judged my fear and she very well knew why I had come back. 

Silence prevailed for about two minutes. Neither did she nor I spoke for about two minutes. All of a sudden a horrible voice erupted out from the door ajar as if one was writhing in pain and reciting a mantra unknown and unheard! That voice was not very loud but very low. But that was enough to make us shudder. 

My mom asked out of fear, “What is this?”

“Nothing mom, it is nothing.” I didn’t have any logical answer. Helplessness poured out of my face with the cold sweat. 

“Aman, it is weird...” My mom began to gasp.

The ghostly fear had struck me too, but I didn’t want to show it to my mom. Gathering all my energy I said, “Don’t worry mom, I am going to check it out. There will be nothing mom.”

“Aman, please don’t go.” My mom said worryingly.

I tried to laugh, “Don’t worry mom, everything will be alright. Chill mom, it is okay.”

Taking a long breath I pushed the door and stepped inside. There was no one in the room except darkness. I wanted to step back because really I was very comfortable outside but now there was no way out. Had I come out, my mom would have lost her mental balance. I looked carefully all around the room to find out from where the voice was coming. 

Then I saw in the corner of the room, there was one more door ajar from where the faint light was coming. I inched towards the faint light to see what there was. Taking very careful steps, I tiptoed to the slightly opened gate. I saw the light was coming from another room of our house which was right in front of the door of the first room only about two feet away. 

Now, there was no option for me to turn back. I went ahead to the second room. The voice became louder and louder. I just craned my neck to see what was there in the room and I saw it was nothing but the sound of a horror movie on the television. The faint light was also of television. 

“Thank God. I knew I would be right. There are no ghosts but only rumors. I think the light (electricity) has just come now. There must be no light before.” I said to myself.

“Mom, mom! Just come in, here is nothing. It was the sound of a horror movie which is coming on television. Everything is okay. Just come in mom.”

My mom didn’t come in. I didn’t wait for my mom. I went outside the rooms in the verandah to my mom in gaiety, “Everything is alright mom. It was merely the sound of tv.”

“Are you sure, Aman?”

“Yes mom, why not? I have seen it with my own eyes. You can come in mom.”

“Aman when you were in. I just found the main switch of electricity of our house which is located in the verandah. When I looked at it carefully, it is switched OFF.”

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