✔Toilet Mess - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

✔“What! I have never seen such a thing ever in my life! Such a small toilet! Who the fool is, who has made such a nonsense toilet?
“Oh gosh, I want to pee, it is coming so fast. And the hell, I am on the lanes, far away from my home. Where should I go now?” I said to myself.
“I have to find a place as soon as possible. I can’t go on like this. It is really disgusting to be like that.” I started looking hither and thither. Everywhere was too much crowd. I could not pee in front of them all. But I was wishing from my heart they all should go away from this place quickly leaving me alone. 
I thought I should walk fast and move ahead to find a lonely place where I could vent out my pressure. I accelerated my feet in search of a lonely place but all vent in vain. Wherever I went, there were groups of people standing and looking at my side. It was impossible to get my wish fulfilled. I didn’t lose my heart and went on moving on and on. 
My eyes were stuck on the sides of the road in the hope that I might get an opportunity or at least a clue to get my job done. And you know what, hard work always pays. I caught the glimpse of a flex board. It read “Public toilet”. There was also a gents icon. I heaved a sigh of relief. “Finally, at last, I can pee. Ohh.”
I ran fast to the toilet and opened the door and it was all mess! I could not even step in. 
The floor was full of shit everywhere and it was stinking very badly. “Now what? After how much difficulty I found one toilet and it is also! Oh, man! Now where I should go?” I left the toilet fast and started moving at a faster speed. 
Then I saw a government hospital. “Thank God. Now I will enter it and luckily there is no entrance fees in the government hospitals of India and especially there are no peeing fees.” A small smile sprouted on my face. In no time, I entered the hospital.
The people over there were looking for a doctor and me for a toilet. I was almost running but I was showing to others as if I was just hurriedly walking in search of a doctor. No doubt, as always I succeeded in my acting skill and no one came to know about my reality. Soon, I found one toilet.
I opened the door of the toilet and was about to enter it but I was shocked at the sight. Behind the six feet tall door, there was only one foot-high toilet! “What! I have never seen such a thing ever in my life! Such a small toilet! Who the fool is, who has made such a nonsense toilet? What’s the use of making such a toilet, where no one can enter?” 
Now my condition had worsened. Now I didn’t want only to pee but also defecate. The condition was pitiful but with whom could I share my problem, I had to face it myself. I mounted up the stairs to find another toilet as it was a big hospital. 
To my surprise, I soon found one more toilet. It was all neat, clean, and tidy. My happiness knew no bounds. At the lightning-fast speed, I ran amuck. I loosened my pant and sat on the toilet seat. My right hand went in search of the toilet’s door to latch it from inside, but there was no door! “What! A toilet without a door! How is it possible? Am I living in the city of the mad people where there are stinking toilets, a toilet just one foot high, and a toilet without a door!”
I hooked my pant button again. Without emptying my stomach I came out of the toilet in a wild fury. I shouted aloud, “What the hell is it! I can’t even pee in my city!” Out of the unleashed wrath, I kicked hard at the wall of the hospital. “Thud!”
The next moment, I was on the floor lying down in my vest and Capri. “Oh shit man!” I opened my eyes as I felt pain. “Thank God, it was all my dream. But the dream had somewhat truth in it. I really feel like peeing and I think defecating too.” I thought within my mind. 

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