✔What The Hell Was That - Kigads Horror Short Stories in English

✔I saw many witches with big axes cutting dead human bodies mercilessly to pieces. The full house was drenched with innocent blood.

I was going back home from tuition. There was only one tutor in our village, who is far away from our home and obviously, I had not even cycle. I got late than ever that evening, the day turned dark, and for a girl to be on the roads in the dark was not supposed to be a good thing.

Anxiousness gripped me. I began to move my steps at a rapid pace. As the darkness was dispelling the light so my heart beats speeded up. The tall green trees now seemed to be stalwart giants staring at me in dark robes. Along with anxiousness, now fear began to seize me. 

I increased the speed of my small steps. Suddenly I realized I was no more on the way that I always used to be. I looked around to find a single thing I had seen earlier but to no avail. Whatever I could see was utter horrible darkness. A sudden current of fear passed down my spine to make me shiver. 

My logical mind failed at this juncture to find out the way I should tread on. To my relief, at once I found a girl of my age i.e. 13. Without wasting any time, I ran close to her. I said, “You must be in need of a partner to go home at ease.” She replied affirmatively and gave me a cute smile.

I introduced myself, “My name is Pooja, and you?”


“Param, actually I have lost my way. My home is near the post office, but now I am really stuck, don’t know where to go. ”

“Okay Pooja, don’t worry. I know the way. In fact, I have to pass by the post office to reach my home. Come with me, I will steer your way.”

I agreed happily. Now I was not moving out of fear, but out of glee as I felt now I am going to be in the comfort of my home soon. We started discussing our subjects and other study matters. While talking I simply gave a glance forward, to my surprise I saw a big woman in old rotten clothes just moving ahead of us. 

She had long hair. Wherever she was moving and turning, Param was following her. I asked Param who she was. She replied she was her grandmother. I asked in an anxious tone, “She has not looked back at her granddaughter even once!”

Alas! at once Param slapped me, and it was totally unexpected. Few wrinkles appeared on Param’s forehead to make me realize she was frowning at me and not in a good mood to answer me. But it was really strange for me. I could not do anything except feeling the heat radiating from my face.

Param as if ordered me, “Stupid girl! Just follow me if you want to go home.” I wanted to run away, but don’t know what it was, which was forcing me to follow her and her grandmother. The way became more creepy than ever. We didn’t stop. I didn’t even dare to ask anything more from Param as my cheeks are still feeling the effects of her five right fingers.

Now I could hear strange queer voices too. Sometimes I felt as if someone is laughing madly, the other times I felt as if someone is crying loudly in pain. I tried hard but could not make out, what exactly the innumerable voices were. Having no way out, I continued following her. 

Thank God! At least I saw one ray of yellow light coming from a home which was not so far away. I heaved a sigh of relief. Slowly we were coming nearer. My little relief started transforming into a big terror because the house we were approaching didn’t look like the normal house. 

The house seemed to be about one thousand years old. All house was almost crumbled, dirty and was stinking. The foul smell coming from it was almost intolerable. 

Param snapping her fingers ordered me to go into the house as if I was her slave. When I was about to step into the house, I saw such a horrible scene, quickly I took to my heels. I saw many witches with big axes cutting dead human bodies mercilessly to pieces. The full house was drenched with innocent blood. 

Her grandmother burst into loud laughter. The laughter was so loud and terrible, I can never express in words. It was a sort of inhuman laughter or a peal of demon laughter. I took a great speed, I think I could surpass even the brightest runners in the world in those few moments. 

I could hear her grandmother shrieking madly. She was continuously shrieking without fail, and my heart began to thump hard against my body as if it was going to come out and break my breast apart. My speed took a frightening pace. 

Our body has limits, no matter how much our adrenaline supports us. Suddenly I stumbled somewhere and fell face down. 

“Pooja how stupid you are! Why are you running so fast? How many times I have told you to come slowly. You are behaving as if lunatic dogs are chasing you. Now see what you have done to yourself. You fool! Come inside soon. Let me apply some antiseptic on your bruised face.”

To my utter surprise, she was my mother and I fell just in front of my house. I asked myself, “What the hell was that?”    

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