✔Matrimonial Chat - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

✔Sameer - I am looking for a responsible girl in my life. I want a girl whose thinking patterns are just opposite to you.

Sameer - Hi, how are you?

Shikha - Hmm… May I know you, please?

Sameer - Yeah sure. I am from dilmile dot com, a matrimonial website. I sent you the Request there and you accepted my request. That’s why I thought of disturbing you. I emailed you before but you didn’t reply to me. Then I felt you might not check your emails frequently. So I checked out your number directly from that website and now I am texting you directly. Hope you do not mind.

Shikha - It’s okay. No problem.

Sameer - So can we talk now if you are comfortable now.

Shikha - Yeah, it’s okay.

Sameer - Hmm… So you can ask me anything you like from me. And please feel free to ask anything. I am a very cool-minded guy. You can ask anything you like. 

Shikha - Hmm… Well, you seem to be very well educated.

Sameer - To be honest, you guessed right.

Shikha - (smiling a little) That’s good.

For about a minute nobody texted anything. Just to make the conversation go on, Sameer broke the ice.

Sameer - So what are you looking for?

Shikha - I am not looking for anything special. I don’t believe in thinking much. I believe if we think too much then we get nothing. Those who don’t believe in thinking much always get more than expected. Do you also think the same?

Sameer - Hmm...Well. Each and everyone is right in his or her own place. Because we all have different histories, we all have lived under different circumstances, so we make us believe certain things according to our experiences. So there is nothing right or wrong in the world. If you think whatever you think is right, then it is right for you.

Shikha - It means you don’t think the same. You think differently.

Sameer -(trying to speak the truth politely, trying to coat his words with sugar) I didn’t say anything like that. But to be honest, yeah I differ a bit. 

Shikha - Okay. (Shikha got a bit confused. Trying to catch words from the air. She didn’t want to look stupid.)

Sameer -(Finding a gap in the conversation, he quickly grabbed the opportunity to ask some questions) So what do you do?

Shikha - I do nothing. Free at home.

Sameer - Okay. So what are you doing in your studies?

Shikha - I left school in between.

Sameer - Alright. So what’s your aim in life?

Shikha - I never thought about that.

Sameer - What do you want to do after marriage?

Shikha - I don’t want to do any job after marriage. I don’t like jobs.

Sameer - Okay. So what do you expect after marriage?

Shikha - I want free time for myself. I don’t want my life to be busy. I want sufficient time for myself. 

Sameer - So what are your hobbies? Means any productive activities you like to do? 

Shikha - I never thought about that. Okay, now you tell me what type of girl are you looking for?

Sameer - Just opposite to you!

Shikha - What? What do you mean?

Sameer - I am looking for a responsible girl in my life. I want a girl whose thinking patterns are just opposite to you. I don’t want a girl in my life who is interested in no productive activities. You want time for yourself but you are interested in nothing. Means you don’t want to do anything in your free time. You know what, what such girls do after their marriage. They just quarrel and fight, quarrel and fight. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. 

Shikha - Don’t you think you are speaking too much?

Sameer - You know what marriage means? After marriage, there are huge responsibilities, both for husband and wife. One can’t wish to sit uselessly for the whole day. A husband and a wife both have to work to earn their livelihood, they both have to do their innumerable duties regularly. Don’t expect you will be in heaven after your marriage. The reality is this you have to be more responsible and punctual.

Shikha - Are you scolding me?

Sameer - No, I am not scolding you nor do I want to hurt you by any means. I just want to say that now you are not ready for your marriage. Now when you are sitting and doing nothing. At that very same time, you need to introspect what you think within your mind and see if you are really thinking good for yourself.

Shikha - Don’t try to be my dad! Don’t think you are rejecting me. From the beginning itself, I understood that you can’t understand a girl. So bye. Goodbye forever.

Sameer said to himself, “I can’t understand why almost all girls have become the same. I have talked to about five girls for marriage but no one wants to shoulder any type of responsibility! They all want to be like filmy heroines who reside in riches and do nothing. But they forget even heroines in movies seem to be free but actually they are working day and night to make movies for us and they earn in crores. They observe only their filmy character and fail completely to see their real hard-working character. In nutshell, a girl looks beautiful not by her outfits but by her sincere and responsible nature.”

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