✔My Final War - Kigads Short Moral Stories in English

The sky was dark. The zigzag long lightning was frightening the whole world with its dangerous sword-like shape and one thousand lion roars. I was sitting at the back seat of my car fully armoured.

The sky was dark. The zigzag long lightning was frightening the whole world with its dangerous sword-like shape and one thousand lion roars. I was sitting at the back seat of my car fully armoured. I had a shield of Maths, a Roman helmet of science, a sword of English, arrows of General knowledge, a spear of reasoning and the mini iron shields covering my entire body was of History, Political Science and Geography. I was fully prepared. In fact, I was fully prepared for the war!

It was going to be a big clash because I was going to mess with the greatest fear of our nation who is known as the “Civil Services Exam!”. It was my enemy. Now you all must have realized the gravity of the situation. 

I (Aman) was thinking within my mind, “It is my last war! I have to win it. I have no other option. Either kill it or get killed by it. I am a warrior. I will not move back now. A warrior knows only how to move ahead.” I tightened my belt a bit and closed my fist hard. I began to look at my punch. It looked strong. In fact, it looked strong enough to knock down the Monster (the civil services exam.)

My car was reaching closer to the battleground. The scene was dramatic. Now, I could hear the shrieks and cries of the other soldiers who came here for the same purpose to fight with the monster. But all had to fight the monster one on one. At a distance, I could see the drooped heads of them. They had already lost faith in themselves. Someone has rightly said, “Our biggest enemy is the Fear.” The war had not started yet. But they were so much haunted by the apparitions of the oncoming evil that they had already become handicapped and their brutal defeat was evident.

But I was not like them. I am an ultimate warrior. I love to fight. So, I came out of the car and then climbed on its roof to see the whole deadly arena of war in one glance. Now, I could see my battleground very clearly as I was about to reach. As soon as my car entered the battleground, I took a very high jump and then my left knee touched the battlefield and my right knee made an angle of 90 degrees with a spear in my hand and its head was making an angle of 45 degrees. Because of this great friction fire emerged underneath my body. 

Now, the time had come to fight with the Devil himself. I shouted loudly, “Yaaaaa! It is the time for the bloodbath!”. I took a few deep sighs, stretched my all muscles, and entered my examination room or my final battleground where I was supposed to fight the Demon. 

I sat in my chair. The teacher distributed the question papers and OMR sheets. Now, the game had begun!

Suddenly, a handsome man appeared before me. He was clean-shaven, wearing a black blazer coat and tie. He looked like a gentleman. He said to me, “I am a man from 1921. Guess who am I?”

I replied, “How can I guess you? I have never seen you before.”

“Think about 1921.”

“How can I know who you were in 1921? There were so many persons in 1921. But now, I don’t remember anything so vividly.”

“I am sorry. You failed. Now, you have to suffer!” He gave me a big right foot directly on my chest and I was down on the ground.

He started laughing loudly, “Stupid! I am Lord Reading.”

“What! I have read about you. But I just got confused with your question and your appearance. But I don’t want to mess with you. I want to fight the Demon himself!”

“You fool, a demon has no face. He is just evil. He can come before you in any form and appearance!” Having said these words, he dissolved into the air. 

All of a sudden, the lightning struck just a few feet away from me and other tables and chairs were burnt into ashes at once. I looked right and left, front and back. Now, there was no one in my room. It was only me and an evil force. 

I heard some noise of spilling water. I could not see any liquid anywhere. Then my eyes fell on the door of the class. The water was oozing in down the door. Within a few seconds, water began to gush in at a fast speed. To my extreme amazement, water spoke at a rapid pace, “I am Dhansiri river. Tell me quickly I am the tributary of which river?”

I replied puzzled, “How do I know? There are so many rivers in our nation. And each river has so many tributaries. It is almost infinite for me.”

The river Dhansiri didn’t wait for a single more word from my mouth and it attacked me directly. I could not withstand the great pressure of water of the river Dhansiri. My protective shield in my hand was thrown away by it and I was hit hard against a wall. My head began to ache, I was favouring my head now. I wondered the river Dhansiri would attack again but he didn’t and left me in my pathetic condition. 

To my relief, then a man came to my class and he started dancing in a very strange way. I had never seen any such dance before in any movie, or on the smartphone. He was completely unique in his style but I didn’t like it. But in this situation, it was better than other cruel persons. He came close to me asked me very politely, “I am Nadi Singh, for which dance I am famous for?”

I answered, “Maybe Kathakali.”

He placed his hands on my Roman helmet, took it off, and put it aside. Then he gave his big right hand on my left cheek! A big slap! 

He said, “I worked very very hard to become famous in my Manipuri dance and you don’t know about it. I can bet you haven’t seen any Manipuri dance yet. I am one of the faces of the Manipuri dance. It takes a lifetime to earn such a name. Shame on you! You don’t know my name!”

“But how can I remember lakhs of names in General Knowledge and History. It is impossible!” I answered literally crying.

He didn’t even bother to hear my word. He left the class as soon as possible. But the calamity was not going to end for me. As soon as he left, now a big crocodile entered our class. Now, I was literally trembling with fear. How could I fight with this beast now?

 At a gradual pace, the crocodile was coming closer and closer to me. The shiver passed down my spine. Now, what was it going to ask me?

It asked me, “I am a saltwater crocodile. Where am I found?”

I answered in a timid voice, “In marshy areas.”

“I don’t want to see your common sense, I want an exact answer. I want to see your memory. Tell me the name of the place!” It shouted angrily.

“Please leave me! I don’t know from where you have come! Please leave me! There are infinite number of places in India where crocodiles reside. I don’t know from where you are. Please forgive me, please leave me!”

“You dumbass! I am from Bhitarkanika Mangroves in the state of Odisha.” Having said these words within one-hundredth of a second it put my right leg in its mouth and started swallowing me at a slow pace!

I was literally shouting, “Hey, please leave me, please forgive me!”

After putting my half almost half body within its mouth, he began to jerk my body right and left. I didn’t know what it was about to do with me now. It jerked my body left, right, then left and right again, and again then left and it threw me with a great force towards the windowpane. I crashed against the windowpane. The glass shattered into tiny pieces and now I was flowing out of the class back to the place from where I had entered the examination campus. 

I was shrieking and seeing everything happening in slow motion around me. Many more new soldiers had arisen preparing themselves for battling with the Demon. They could hear my cries. Some were listening to me and fearing. Some others were completely ignoring me. 

Finally, I fell on my car’s roof where once I was standing like a valiant soldier. But now I was here back with a completely lopsided war. I had completely lost the war, brutally defeated and crushed. 

After a few hours, I somehow composed myself and stood up again. I looked at my ripped iron shields and torn-out clothes. I said to myself, “In fact, I lost a battle but not a war of life. The problem is not that I have been defeated in a lopsided war. The problem is this, I chose the wrong enemy! Next time, I will choose my right enemy according to my powers, will study his powers carefully, and then I will answer perfectly every move made by my enemy. Sometimes it is better to conquer the weak demons first and become powerful slowly rather than getting defeated every time by a single strong Demon.”

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