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✔Kigads.com - Acharya ji - You are the first person here in my ashram who found the right path of spirituality within two hours.

Urman - Because these many planets, these many galaxies, stars and sun, all these can’t exist without the presence of a supreme power.

Vijay - Have you ever seen such a supreme power?

Urman - No.

Vijay - Any solid proof of the presence of the supreme power?

Urman - No, such proof dear.

Vijay - So, it’s just your belief. Actually it can be just your superstition. Like in olden days, people could not understand the occurrence of storms and rains. Therefore for their convenience they created Lord Indra, a kind of superstition they created. Similarly, now we are creating God because there are still many things unexplored, undiscovered.

Urman - Please Vijay, don’t say such things before me. As I believe in God, so your such talks hurt me. I am not good at explaining things, so I can’t even give you enough logic and examples to testify my statement. 

Vijay - Okay, I am sorry Urman.

Urman - Hey, no need to say sorry. Actually, I know a guy. His name is Acharya. I mean people address him as Acharya Ji. I think you should meet him. He can answer to your every question. More probably, he would satisfy all your inquiries.

Vijay - Can he answer all my questions like what happens after death? Is there a life after death? Do hell and heaven exist?

Urman - Haha, don’t worry, Vijay. Acharya Ji will solve all your riddles of life. Just visit that great personality.

Vijay - Where can I meet him?

Urman - In his ashram.

Vijay - Where is his ashram?

Urman - In Himachal Pradesh. In Hamirpur exactly.

Vijay - Okay, I will surely go.

Urman - Best of luck.

Vijay - Thanks.

The very next morning, Vijay reached Acharya Ji’s ashram in Hamirpur. There were many people who were learning spirituality from Acharya Ji. They all wore saffron robes. All men, women, boys and girls were looking very beautiful in saffron robes. Moreover, the way they were speaking enhanced their personalities to the peaks. The words and statements coming out of their mouths were as sweet as honey.

They all welcomed Vijay very warmly. Vijay became comfortable with them in moments. One very beautiful girl said to Vijay, “Please be seated, sir.”

Vijay sat on the chair comfortably. He asked, “Who are you girl?”

“My name is sister Bhawani. Please wait for a few minutes. I will come back to you.”

Vijay - But where are you going sister Bhawani? I have come here just to ask a few questions from Acharya Ji. Where is Acharya Ji?

Sister Bhawani - Hehe. Don’t worry, sir. He will definitely meet you. Now he is busy somewhere. But before he meets you, I want to welcome you to our ashram. You are our guest now. I am going to bring tea and some biscuits for you.

Vijay - Hey, thanks for everything. I don’t need anything. I just want to meet him.

Sister Bhawani - No, no, sir. We can’t let you meet him like this. Here in our ashram, we are taught to love everyone. You are like my elder brother. I want to show my love for you by preparing a cup of tea with my own hands for you. And yeah brother Ram has made biscuits with his own hands. You are going to love tea and biscuits too. (She said with a very pleasant smile.)

By listening to these statements Vijay’s puzzled mind got relaxed. His intention that was focussed on asking specific questions was almost released from his brain. He began to sense loveful environment in the ashram and that environment was soothing him, relaxing him. His tense mind began to relax.

After about three minutes. Ram came to Vijay with a polythene in his right hand. He beamed at Vijay and said in a cheerful tone, “Sir, I brought very tasty biscuits for you. I have made these biscuits with my own hands.”

Vijay - Hey, why are you addressing me as Sir? I think we are of the same age.

Ram - I am addressing you as sir because in society if we address someone as sir, it is kind of giving respect to the other person. The other person also feels good to hear it.

Vijay - But you can call me by my name. I hope you know my name.

Ram - What about brother? Can I address you as my brother?

On hearing these words, Vijay was wonderstruck. He thought, “How beautiful people they are! I can never even dream of such innocent and adorable people. I never knew that even such a world exists! If the followers of Acharya Ji are so nice, then how nice would Acharya Ji himself… Now, I can’t wait to meet Acharya Ji. I hope he will come soon.”

After about ten minutes, a tall man about six feet entered the room. His complexion was very fair. He looked very handsome. Vijay got attracted towards him in no time. His pleasant smile was contagious. Vijay didn’t come to know when he himself began to smile like him. Now, his happy mood had reached the next level.

Acharya ji said in a very pleasant tone, “Hello sir, I have heard you have been waiting here for me about an hour.”

Vijay - Yeah, true. I have come here to ask…

Acharya ji intervened, “Can I address you as my brother?”

Vijay - Yeah, why not…

Acharya ji - My brother. First of all please give me a hug.

Vijay - Yeah sure. 

Vijay came close to Acharya ji and they both hugged each other, much more passionately than real brothers. Now, Vijay’s mind had reached to some other unknown zone of his brain. He began to feel a strange unknown happiness. He had never experienced any such thing before. He thought, “Now, I didn’t buy a new thing. I didn’t earn a huge amount of money. I didn’t get a raise. I didn’t win a lottery. I have done nothing now but still, I am feeling very very happy. I can’t see any reason behind this happiness.”

All of a sudden, Acharya ji said, “What you are experiencing now is God. What you are experiencing now is heaven. Before you entered this ashram, what you were experiencing was hell. Now, please tell me what you wanted to ask me.”

Vijay - Acharya ji, you have answered all my questions. Now I am left with no question. My all pending questions are dissolved. Now, I can’t see a point to ask the remaining questions. Those questions are worthless Acharya ji.

Acharya ji smiled and said, “It is a great news for me.”

Vijay - Which news?

Acharya ji - You are the first person here in my ashram who found the right path of spirituality within two hours.

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